From The Executive Director


Excited for change, ching ching 

OK, not that kind of change, but the constant change of spring. The trees, the animals, and the Farm are changing. It may be slow, but like a butterfly that gradually forms in its chrysalis, the Farm is in a metamorphosis. Even as all the organic matter is pulled out of the pens forming a strange cocoon on the roads, even after 25 dump trucks of road base, squeegee gravel, and crusher fines, we have only just started. The Farm continues to move forward. As with the weather and the land in spring, our mission statement has changed:

Our New Mission Statement
The Urban Farm at Stapleton provides experiential learning and practical work experience to young people in a farm setting. Our purpose is to inspire excitement for learning while fostering personal confidence, resilience, teamwork, and real-world problem solving skills.

The Farm is a tool to raise young people with strong character.

Come and enjoy spring at the Farm and watch it transform to summer.


TUF May Snapshot