Given the variability in the weather this time of year, please make sure to check the website for any adjustment to the farm's schedule. We will make every effort to keep the information updated in a timely manner, especially in regards to class cancellations. Thanks!

newsletter feb 2016

From The Executive Director

As we move through February into spring, you can feel the energy building at the farm. Already, three chicks have hatched! Our pregnant goat is due in February and our sheep are due to give birth in March. Our plans and programs are starting to emerge. We have re-vamped our field trips and we have 8 trained field trip leaders. We are preparing to print a brochure to send to schools and organizations, and we have created a system to sign up for field trips online. I am excited to let the Farm show itself off to new groups of students as this programs builds.

Our volunteer groups have finally evolved into a full program.  We offer volunteer sign up here on our website, trainings are scheduled for the first Sunday of each month. Of course, the training on 2/7 is not helping my Super Bowl plans: Go Broncos!  We now have four people involved in coordinating the volunteers and we are starting to schedule work on different projects around the Farm as we head into better weather.

In related news, our summer camps are also listed here on our website, which include horse, poultry, farm and barn to yarn camps. Our staff worked hard to offer a greater variety and quality of camps this year that provide outdoor education and insight into agriculture. If you or someone you know and love is looking for a great summer offering, please take a look at our website for more details.

We look forward to seeing you at the farm soon.

TUF February Snapshot