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From The Executive Director


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Calves Are Here

August brought the arrival of our calves, Charisma and Cadmiel. Both the mothers and calves are doing well. Charisma, a female calf, arrived August 6 and Cadmiel, a male, was born on August 16. They are growing fast and should be gaining roughly a pound a day! The kids’ interest keeps growing too, as the calves become more interactive. This is the beginning of more programs in animal husbandry and horticulture. Our goal is to have a balanced and functional farm to interact and teach with. The cows, poultry, and alternative agriculture are the first steps as we begin to develop programs around them. As Charisma and Cadmiel dance around their mothers, you begin to see the Farm is moving forward and starting to attain its goals.

Best, Mike

TUF September Snapshot