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Saturday, March 4  Backyard Poultry Keeping 101 presented by TUF. 

Decker Branch Library 1501 S. Logan St. 80210. 2pm to 3pm – FREE to the public

Learn to how to raise chickens and have fresh, chicken eggs right from your own backyard. Learn what kind of housing and supplies you need to keep chickens, how to acquire chicks or adult chickens who are ready to lay, the right kind of breed for your needs, how to properly care for your feathered friends from feed to health checks and medication. Why does my chicken do that? Learn about natural behaviors and special poultry talents. Finally, what are my options when the chickens stop laying? If you are thinking about having chickens, love chickens, or simply want to learn more about chickens, this class is a must.

Farm Days Fun Days

 Saturdays  – 10:00am – 12:00pm (unless otherwise posted)

 $5 admission / person age 2 and older

 APRIL 15  Poultry and Rabbit Fun Day Join us in the chicken pen with our poultry and rabbit experts. Learn chicken and rabbit facts, pet our feathered and furry friends, feed the roosters and hunt for Easter eggs all around the pen, real and chocolate ones.  * Free chocolate eggs. Limited supply of real eggs $6/dozen.

 MAY 6  Sheep and Goat Fun Day Meet our goats and sheep and their new babies. Witness sheep shearing, spinning and weaving, and learn how fleece becomes a sweater.

 JUNE 3 Gardening, Aquaponics, Aeroponics,  and Bees Fun Day – Work the soil with our Master Gardener and learn about plants as you plant seeds for a “sunflower wall” and provide important food for our feathered friends. Learn about alternative gardening and join our beekeeper at the bee hives to learn how bees make honey.

 JULY 1  4-H Showmanship Demo  In the Indoor Arena – TUF 4-H members will demonstrate showmanship with goats, sheep, chickens, and rabbits as they prepare for Adams County Fair in August.

 AUGUST 5 Cattle Fun Day – Meet our cattle as we walk with them and groom them. Learn about milk cows and meat cattle.

 SEPTEMBER 2 Horse Fun Day – Enjoy riding demonstrations by our expert, youth riders, the TUF kids. Meet our mule, miniature horses, and donkey and learn about their talents and purpose.