Year-Round Equine Classes

Our Equestrian program provides youth ages 8-18 the opportunity to learn horsemanship and riding skills without the expense of leasing or owning a horse. A summary of each riding level is located below the registration links.

Use the links below to investigate class descriptions, availability and to register online.  After reviewing the online information, should you have any additional questions regarding class availability, registration or the registration process, please email Bonnie at

  • Ages 8-18
  • Each link is **only active** when open to the public for registration. We encourage you to join the wait list to get advance notice of session releases!
      • Each session is first released to the current riders in the program as they have first right or refusal. If you are looking to join the next session but are not currently enrolled in the program, please find the current session (following the appropriate month) and complete that form to join the wait-list. **If a link does not work, look to the closest previous session to join the wait-list. 
      • Adding your name to the wait-list allows us to email you when a session is released to wait-listers (5 days in advance of posting open roster spots to the public) for registration on a first come/first serve basis. **Once notified, a new form for the desired session will be necessary at that time.** A registration must be completed EACH session to remain on the wait-list if not placed in the program.
      • Do not make a payment if you are only asking to be wait-listed and not actually registering for a particular class.
Jan 7 – Feb 22, 2019
released early/mid Dec 
March 11 – May 6, 2019
released mid/late Feb 
June 3 – July 26, 2019 
released early/mid May
Aug 12 – Oct 4, 2019
released mid/late July
Oct 21 – Dec 13, 2019
released late Sept/early Oct
(open to the public –  Oct 10 *subject to availability*)



The program is broken down into the following levels:

Beginner 1 (Ages 8-18):  These classes gives the new rider their first experiences with horses. Students learn how to work with horses both mounted and un-mounted focusing on safety and good horsemanship.

SKILLS: Rider will be able to

    • Approach, halter, and lead horses (with assistance)
    • Groom and tack horse (with assistance)
    • Maintain balance on a standing horse through a series of exercises
    • Round the world, arm exercises, sack of potatoes etc.
    • Use direct rein to turn, halt and back a walking horse through a simple course
    • Mount and dismount (with assistance)
    • Maintain balance at the trot (sitting) on a lunge horse
    • Begin learning sitting trot independently
    • Tie a quick release knot

Average time frame for achieving competency – 32-64 hours of consistent instruction

Beginner 2 (Ages 8-18):   This class takes riders who are comfortable and confident around horses and can steer independently at the walk and trot.

SKILLS: Rider will be able to

    • Be accomplished in the B1 skills and knowledge
    • Approach, halter and lead horses confidently
    • Groom and tack horse without assistance (does not include bridling)
    • Maintain balance on a trotting horse through a series of exercises
    • Use direct rein to turn, halt, back and trot a horse through a complex course
    • Confidently post the trot and maneuver a horse in the sitting or posting trot
    • Learn posting diagonals
    • Trot sitting no stirrups for at least two laps around the arena
    • Maintain balance at the canter on a lunge horse
    • Help another person groom, tack and lead a horse
    • Begin to understand aids and how they are used

Average time frame for achieving competency – 32-64 hours of consistent instruction.


Beginner 3 (Ages 8-18):   This class works on students becoming independent in un-mounted work as well as accomplished in trotting and progressing on to the canter.

SKILLS: Rider will be able to

    • Be accomplished in the B2 skills and knowledge
    • Post the trot on the correct diagonal (know how to correctly change)
    • Trot in 2-point, sitting, or posting with or without stirrups
    • Understand aids needed to ask for both the trot and canter
    • Be balanced and safe at a canter both on the lunge line and independently
    • Know correct and incorrect leads
    • Be able to canter a 20 meter circle as well as canter the full arena
    • Be able to walk and trot on a variety of different horses

Average time frame for achieving competency – 32-64 hours of consistent instruction.

Intermediate 1 (Ages 8-18):   In this class students are completely independent with tacking and grooming and are progressing in the canter.

SKILLS: Rider will be able to

    • Take apart English bridle and saddle, clean and appropriately re-assemble
    • Tack English and be able to teach a lower level how to tack
    • Wrap horse’s front legs correctly with polo wraps
    • Proficient in posting trot and picking up the correct diagonals
    • Can properly pick up the correct lead and knows how to change it if on the wrong one
    • Maintain balance on a cantering horse through a series of exercises and simple patterns
    • Maintain balance and control of a cantering horse on the rail and on a 20 meter circle for at least 5 minutes
    • Control their horse on a trail ride outside the Farm boundaries
    • Assist in Beginner level classes
    • Complete and pass all level test below I1

Average timeframe for achieving competency – 72-96 hours of consistent instruction.

When a student reaches the Intermediate 1 level (kids are progressing in the Walk, Trot, Canter and more complex knowledge such as feed), they are given the option to choose the route they would like to take next in their riding endeavors.  Currently, the two tracks a rider can choose from are Dressage and Jumping. On these two tracks the rider will have smaller class sizes and more in depth learning both mounted and un-mounted.  These tracks are also aimed at opening the door for students to explore Equine jobs that they might be interested in the future, as well as preparing them to apply for scholarships and move on to college.

Intermediate 2 (Ages 8-18):   These classes encompass either Dressage or Jumping and set the course for the beginning to intermediate stages of each discipline.

SKILLS-JUMPING: Rider will be able to

  • Complete all I1 skills at accomplished or higher
  • Hold a balanced 2-point
  • Understands the aids needed to extend and collect both the trot and canter (begin to practice)
  • Can ride any maneuver and/or gait with or without stirrups
  • Beginning skills over poles, cavaletti, and small cross rails; moving up to verticals and oxers not to exceed 2’
  • Start to learn to piece together small courses at the trot and canter with simple changes of lead

SKILLS- DRESSAGE: Rider will be able to

    • Complete all I1 skills at accomplished or higher
    • Begin to understand how to collect a horse
    • Begin to understand how to put a horse “on the bit”
    • Ask a horse for a bend correctly through turns and circles
    • Beginning lateral movements (leg yields etc.)
    • Perform a training level test with little help

Average timeframe for achieving competency – 80-120 hours of consistent instruction.

Intermediate 3/Advanced (Ages 8-18):   These classes have branched off into one of two disciplines and help students reach higher goals as well as begin to learn early stages of training in each specific discipline.

SKILLS-JUMPING: Rider will be able to

  • Riders are able to perform any I2 and below task
  • Jump a full course of varying jumps 2’3 and higher
  • Control their horse in a wide range of environments
  • Beginning to learn the flying lead change
  • Can teach skills to any beginner or intermediate jumping class
  • Carry out basic horse training approaches (eg. Lunging, long-lining, etc.)
  • Correctly polo wrap a horse and/or apply standing wraps for an injury or travel
  • Ride at walk, trot, canter or over fences without stirrups
  • Maneuver a horse through complex exercises (gymnastics etc).
  • Compete in discipline-specific horse shows both at TUF and other venues (IEA included)