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January TUF Snapshot

From The Executive Director

We are wishing you all a fabulous New Year from the Urban Farm staff and animals. For all of you who volunteered at the Farm: a BIG, warm-hearted Thank You. It has been a great year for projects at the Farm and many of you have helped to make the Farm a better place for both the people and the animals. January and February are likely to be very cold this 2018, and any time the temperature drops below freezing, we greatly appreciate any help with breaking ice and filling water troughs!

We can’t wait to see how your help will further improve things in 2018. Additionally, we are very excited to implement enhanced programing in 2018 designed to instill traits like responsibility, respect, caring, confidence, and grit in our youth. We are working on making all our program curricula more engaging and informative. We look forward to your feedback regarding these changes!

As the daylight becomes longer we hope to see you at the Farm.

Thank you,

Not Too Late Or Too Early

It’s really NOT too late or too early to make a year-end or year-beginning contribution to The Urban Farm!

The 2017 year has been one of our most challenging and wonderful years here at the Farm. We’ve grown tremendously both physically and educationally. New facilities have been built for aquaponics, aeroponics, sheep, goats, and poultry. Our programs for youth have been refined and created from innovative curricula.
Now, we know that New Year’s resolutions are important, so for 2018, ours is to help as many children as possible to get dirty and learn!
We wish you a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2018!

Seeking Vendors For Event

Plant, Eat & Get Local – May 19, 2018

The Urban Farm introduces a new event in conjunction with our Annual Plant Sale; Plant, Eat & Get Local. We are seeking vendors who feature local food products, specialty and gourmet foods, small family farm products, CSAs, and local meats. Additionally, if you are a vendor providing educational opportunities, sustainable practices, backyard poultry care, healthy living, handcrafted items, or related products we want you!  Click here more information and to apply as a vendor.

Garden Make-Over 

It might be winter, but there is a lot going on in the garden world. The Community Garden at TUF is getting a huge make-over. A new watering system has been installed, which will make water available year round. A new critter resistant fence has been erected thanks to a grant from Go Outdoors Colorado (GOCO). Gardening programs are getting a make-over too. We have expanded our Co-Op garden options and added gardening classes. Additionally we will be designating areas for interactive gardening and educational opportunities for youth groups, field trips, and summer camps. We will have a limited number of garden plots available for lease to the public beginning February 1. For full details, visit our website.

Produce For Sale

Even through it’s winter, we are ramping up for fresh produce available to sell to the public. Our aeroponic towers will be busy producing fresh produce, the Gompers Greenhouse will be nearing completion soon, which will allow expanded growing options for produce, and our farm-fresh eggs are also available for purchase.  Stop in Monday-Thursday and Saturday from 10:00am-1:00pm for your purchases.

Winter Welcome At Stapleton

It was a dark and stormy night, oh wait. That’s from a book I’m reading, no wait, it WAS a dark and stormy night and The Urban Farm was focused on helping Stapleton welcome the holiday season at their festival on 29th Street and Quebec. TUF was a success!

With the help of our 4H GUS (Goats un Sheep) ambassadors (Molly, Ashley, Ellie, Kali, and Teddy alongside parents Melissa and Sarah), our 4H Poultry ambassadors (Victoria and Vanessa with the help of parent Veronica), and our 4H Rabbit ambassador (Claire accompanied by parent Jenny), the Urban Farm had a very successful showing. It was my pleasure to meet these kids and their parents. Thank you all again for your help and support at the Farm.

I want to thank Caroline for arranging the perfect spot for TUF, right behind the Christmas tree and by the blazing fire,perfect for warmth and s’more making! I also want to thank MCA for providing parking for us less than a block away: it was so much easier with the animals. Thank you to Jon Candee, one of our Board members, for stopping by. A special thank you to our Executive Director, Mike, who at the last minute was able to throw everything in the back of his truck, including the goats (they wouldn’t fit in my Honda, not enough seat belts) and get us there in time. At 7:30p.m. I called an audible to close because of the weather. We had 4 wet goats, 2 wet chickens, and 2 wet rabbits, not to mention 5 wet adults and 8 wet kids and the water was now draining under our tent, soaking everything. Again, Mike was there in minutes to help us get back to TUF. He always goes beyond his position. Thank you Mike!

Did you know our kids went to goat camp or that Kevin, the baby goat, is a girl? Did you know there is chicken and goat yoga? As an equine (horse) person, I certainly didn’t until this great learning experience with our 4H kids and their parents. I would recommend other volunteers  branch out whenever they can to learn more fascinating things about our wonderful kids, their supportive parents and what a fantastic role they all play at the Farm.

Last, but not least, thank you to the true stars of the night: Hope, Moxie, Kevin, Magellan (goats); Snickers, Carmelo (silky chickens); and Joker and Luna (rabbits). They were absolutely wonderful TUF ambassadors to the many children and adults they came in contact with. 

Deborah Venor, TUF Volunteer

4-H Information 

For more information about 4-H email Amy Marrs, TUF 4-H leader.

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