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February TUF Snapshot

From The Executive Director

It’s been a warm January and the Farm has started to pick back up again.

Horseback riding classes have begun for the year, so a large welcome back to all of our students. Each session is 8 weeks long, and if you are interested in signing up for the next session, check out our website.

This January, our goat and sheep program had a very strong showing at the Stock Show. Congratulations to all of our participants!

The Farm hosted an Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) show, a horseback riding competition.

As we gear up for February, we are expecting the arrival of many lambs and kids (baby goats), signaling the start of spring.

We welcome two new employees, Rachel Livingston and Jai Phillips. Jai brings experience working with youth from Groundworks Denver and has been a tremendous boon for our programs and our youth outreach. Rachel, from Illinois, has a strong agricultural background. Among many of her skills is enhancing our animal interaction programs, especially with goats, sheep, chickens, and cattle. We know she will help us establish a cattle program to build a true herd.

After generous donations from Tom Candee and Cynthia Gompers, we will be able to introduce a fully operational greenhouse this spring, an addition we are very excited about!

We hope you can visit us this springtime as the Farm wakes up from winter!

Thank you,

Summer Camps

Registration for Summer Camps is NOW OPEN
This year we are offering THREE types of camps. Storybook Farm, Equestrian, and all new Full Day Urban Agriculture and Ranching Camp. Go to our Summer Fun 2018 page  and REGISTER by March 1 to receive a $25 discount. Camps are so much fun you’ll wish you could attend with your child.

Apply: Camp Counselor


Apply to be a Summer Camp Counselor

Become a part of the city-to-farm movement by becoming a Camp Counselor (adult) or Jr. Camp Counselor (youth 14+) at The Urban Farm at Stapleton. You will lead activities (or assist for Jr. Counselors) to help kids learn about sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry. Our camps focus on fun, hands-on activities. These are paid positions and training is provided. Applications close March 1, 2018. APPLY NOW

SciGirls And TUF 

In Summer of 2016, The Urban Farm took part in filming of an episode for Season 4 of a PBS show called SciGirls.  “SciGirls inspires bright and curious kids to explore science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM.” Season 4 has a special twist: while still firmly focused on STEM, six new, Spanish-first episodes “celebrate the language and culture of the fast-growing and youngest racial/ethnic group in the United States: Hispanics!”

You can see The Urban Farm and our chickens in the 2nd episode entitled Gallinas De Ciudad (City Chickens). The episode will premiere online Thursday, February 8, on Rocky Mountain PBS TV station on Saturday, February 10 at 7:30am

To learn more about SciGirls and to view all of Season 4 episodes visit Youtube SciGirls channel or PBS Kids SciGirls.

CO Camp Day  

Colorado Camp Day Feb 24

The Urban Farm is proud to be a part of Colorado Camp Day on Saturday, February 24, 2018Colorado Camp Day is a community-wide event encouraging families to register for camp. Hundreds of camps across the state are offering discounts for those families that register as a part of this special day. It is the Cyber Monday of camp registration. Register for TUF Summer here or check out CampChamp for the largest marketplace of camps in Colorado.

Thanks for your continuing support of The Urban Farm and we look forward to your registration on Colorado Camp Day, if not before.

Tomato Girl  

Again, Out of [Tomato] Control
TUF 2018 Plant Sale looks set to break some records.  I really thought I was spinning out of control last year with 44 varieties of tomatoes; little did I know that I was being conservative! Are you ready for this? I keep re-adding, we are now at 74 tomato varieties!  Unbelievable! Seed catalogs are a great mid-winter pick-me-up, but no doubt they’ll be fruitful for us all come harvest season.

Seeking Vendors For Event

Seeking Vendors – Plant, Eat & Get Local      May 19, 2018, 10am-4pm
The Urban Farm is adding a new event to its annual plant sale. Plant, Eat & Get Local will celebrate healthy living and all things sustainable and local. We are seeking vendors of food products, specialty and gourmet foods, small family farm products, CSAs, local meats, handcrafted items and healthy living products and services. We also seek educational opportunities in sustainable practices, backyard poultry care, healthy living, and pet care. Apply to be a vendor here.

Gardening Classes  

It’s not too early to begin your garden adventures for the spring. TUF offers SIX classes that will help you improve your garden, learn new skills, and problem-solve gardening challenges. Classes may be taken individually, $20 each or in savings packages of 3 or 6.

February 22 or April 5: From Seed to Plant
March 1 or April 19: Developing a Plan for Planting and Growing
March 15: Let’s Get Dirty
March 22 or May 23: All About Tomatoes
June 7: Diseases and Pests in the Garden
June 14: Fall Is the New Spring
Complete descriptions and to register for classes click here. 

Community Garden  

2018 Options
A. Lease an individual plot
: We will have a limited number of plots for individual lease; applications are accepted February 1 and are open to the public.

B. Join a Garden Co-Op (beginning and intermediate):  Garden with a Master Gardener and other like-minded gardeners. You will plant, tend, and share in the harvest. All plants and seeds included. Specialized gardening classes included.

Enroll for Gardening Classes here and see “Gardening Classes” for complete information.

TUF IEA Reserve Champions  

TUF Legacy IEA High School Team Wins Reserve Champions at Home Show

January 27, the TUF Legacy IEA team hosted 9 teams and over 120 riders for their 4th annual IEA Show. It was a cold day but spirits were high with 12 riders qualifying individually for IEA Region 1 finals and the High School team placing 2nd overall for the day. This gave the team a much needed boost and they are only 1 point away from qualifying as a team for Regionals! TUF’s Middle School team was 4th overall, giving them 3 more points to help seal their spot at Regionals. It was a very successful day and ran smoothly, getting done in record time! A huge thank you to everyone who helped make it such a great day and we look forward to our final show on February 3 and then on to Region 1 Finals February 17!

If you would like to come and support the team, both shows will be held at Hobby Horse Farms in Firestone.

Get To Know Us 

Get To Know Our Staff
Rachel Livingston
TUF Program Coordinator

Why did you choose to work for / volunteer at The Urban Farm and what has your journey been like?

I choose to work at The Urban Farm because I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals, working in a garden, and working in the fields. I like to pass on the knowledge that I have about farms and farm life to children and adults. It’s also a new learning experience for me here at the Urban Farm. My journey so far has been exciting and fun, I get to work with cattle, which I love, and teach kids more about them.

Where did you go to college and what degree do you have, or did you go?
I went to Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield Illinois. I have two associate degrees, one in biology and one in geology.

What is your favorite farm noise?
My favorite farm noise is hearing all the animal noises through the day.

What are your hobbies / passions outside of the Farm? 
I have several hobbies, such as reading, doing jigsaw puzzles, hiking, bike rides, playing video games and baking. Every time I turn around, it seems I have picked up another hobby.

What is your favorite book / movie / music?
Naming my favorite of anything is hard, my favorite movie is Jurassic Park, right now my favorite music is from the soundtrack Last of The Mohicans, and my favorite book currently is Pride and Prejudice.

What is your most memorable moment at TUF?
My most memorable moment at The Urban Farm is meeting all animals and working with the staff.

What do you love about TUF?
What I love about The Urban Farm is how it works to teach others about the animals, gardening, and brings a piece of farm life to the city.

Stock Show Wins

The Urban Farm had a strong showing at the National Western.

Five fleeces were entered and two were selected, out of 70 fleeces to be part of the auction that featured 13 fleeces total.

Of our sheep, 12 were shown by 11 participants. This was our strongest showing to date at the Stock Show Breeding Show. We had our own cheering section made up of parents, grandparent, friends, and even a TUF board member.

We are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of lambs and goats, beginning as early as February 1.

4-H Information

For more information about 4-H email Amy Marrs, TUF 4-H leader.

Visit the Farm 

We have new Farm hours for your visiting pleasure. Also, become a member and enjoy wider access, free entry, and discounts on eggs, T-shirts, and more, click here.

Open to the Public
Our public hours are Monday to Thursday and Saturday, 10:00am–1:00pm

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