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July TUF Snapshot



From The Executive Director

It is all happening now at the Farm.
On July 22: Open House 4:30pm-6pm (free to the public)

  • Meet the new goats and sheep
  • Participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Gompers Greenhouse
  • Check out the new hen houses
  • Be totally amazed at the new goat & sheep facilities
  • Take a tour of the Farm

Barn Dance 6:00pm-10:00pm (suggested price $30 for person and $10 kids 16 and under). Get Barn Dance tickets here. 

  • Farm Fresh dinner prepared by our own chefs Jonathan & Annie Candee!
  • Dancing to great western music of Rudy Grant & The Buffalo Riders!
  • Shopping and fund raising at a different kind of Barn Store!
  • Homemade yummies at The Sweet Shoppe!
  • Cash bar in the Saloon

The goat and sheep pens will be finished next with with the addition of metal roofs on the structures by a volunteer group from Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction. Thank you Lee Adams and his group!.  The animals are enjoying their new digs and appreciate all the work volunteers have put into building these structures and enclosure. An especially large “thank you” to Matt Bowmann and his volunteers from Front Range wrangler’s 4H who built the fence!

The green house is moving along to completion.


The new chicken coop was started in November with a volunteer group from Swinerton Builders Denver – thank you to Greg Borst and his crew!

Finally, The Urban Farm will be at Bluff Lake Nature Center, I encourage you to drop by for this partner organization event. Details:

It’s time for another Family Nature Adventure Day at Bluff Lake on July 15. Our theme is Skulls, Skin and Scat and we have hands-on activities ready for the whole family! The Urban Farm will be here with their goats, chickens and sheep to teach about farm animals and gardening. We will have craft stations as well as a chance to see and touch some animal skulls and skins. And of course, our Adventure Backpacks will be full of science tools and nature journals ready to take on a hike. Drop in anytime from 10am-1pm. Can’t wait to see you at Bluff Lake!  

We hope to see you soon at the Farm,


Programs Update

Aurora Public Schools COMPASS Program

  • I regularly visited with students at two APS elementary schools on Mondays and Tuesdays (Sabel Elementary and Fulton Academy of Excellence) to bring the Farm to them.  Each week we’ve focused on a different animal or area of the farm. This expeditionary-style program gets them out of the classrooms and gives them an opportunity to explore their critical thinking skills by working with things they’ve never seen before.

Jr. TUF Kids

  • A small group of 10-14 year-olds have committed to working with me four hours each week.  This program is intended to follow an experiential learning model which allows them to encounter new experiences in a controlled setting and work together to solve the problem or sequence of challenges. The five of them will begin routine work with our cattle, re-training them on leads and ground manners.

Potential Collegiate Partnerships

  • Mike and I have been busy visiting with faculty from several programs at both CSU and CU Denver.  We’d love to expand our programs to include post-secondary education, collegiate internships, graduate student research projects, and more!  Check back for more updates as we explore our relationships with these partners.

Field Trip Overhaul – Leaders needed!

  • I’ve been working with our core group of field trip leaders to revamp how we run school visits and tours.  I’ve also been working with a professional curriculum developer to create training materials and set educational goals as we transition TUF to an outdoor classroom and lab.  If you are interested in becoming a field trip leader, email me or visit this link for the application form.

The application will be open July 1–July 31.
Thanks for your continued support!

Co-op Garden Group

Our Co-Op gardeners harvested 16.5 pounds of a wide variety of lettuces on June 26. Add to that, 14 lbs. of spinach, 10 lbs. lettuce, 5 lbs. radishes, and 6 lbs. of kale from earlier harvests.  Now that’s a lot of salad. 


Summer Day Camp

Two groups of campers from Colorado Academy Summer Camp came to the Farm for a special one day camp.  The campers learned about and interacted with all of the animals on the Farm and participated in a special activity with our chickens.  Campers put their knowledge to the test with a fun Scavenger Hunt and puzzle, learned how ice cream is made, and enjoyed homemade ice cream at the end of the day.  Allie Bronston, CO Academy Camp leader said, “This wasn’t just a visit, this was an experience!”


GoWild Scholarships 

Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) encourages an active outdoor lifestyle. Apply for a GoWild scholarship to lease a garden plot in our Community Garden. Get the entire family involved and learn gardening skills to grow healthy, nutritious food. Evelyn Alton, Colorado Master Gardenersm will help GoWild gardeners learn new skills. New gardeners and experienced gardeners welcome.  GoWild scholarships restricted to the following zip codes: 80010, 80022, 80205, 80207, 80216, 80239, 80640  Apply today, scholarships are limited. 


Visit the Farm

Enjoy the lazy days of summer by visiting our animals, Farm Fun Days, and the reason we all love Colorado – being outdoors!  Become a member and enjoy wider access, free entry, discount on eggs, T-shirts, and more, click here.

Open to the Public
The Urban Farm is open to the public on March 1, 2016. Our public hours are Wednesdays, 10:00am –2:00pm and Saturdays, 10:00am-1:00pm. Come visit the animals. $5 per person.

Member Hours at The Farm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 am–6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am–1:00 pm.


4-H Information

For more information about 4-H email Meri Moller, TUF 4H leader.




Visit our website for latest information and follow us onFacebook.


Thank you to all our generous supporters. Please click here for a full list. 


Update on the Goat the Sheep Rebuilding Initiative

As you know from our newsletter, or from the recent media attention, we have suffered a great loss to our animal population and to the programs they supported. We intend to fill that void with new life and a directed focus on our responsibility to our new animal residents, to those who care for them, and those who learn from them.

We have received an outpouring of support from our community that has heartened us and given us strength during this difficult time. We have received over $10,000 in contributions to help us rebuild. This will greatly help toward covering the cost of a completely new fenced enclosure and will start us down the road to replacing our animals.

With over 40 volunteers helping, we have constructed a temporary secure fenced area for our remaining goats and sheep, and were able to bring them home last weekend.

Construction of a new, secure fence and gates will begin shortly.  

We will replace our goats and sheep with particular types of high quality animals that can help us fulfill our mission in the most effective way. Our goat herd will consist of two specialized types of goats—Boer Goats and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Each type of goat brings special qualities to the Farm. They will be used in our Field Trips, Storybook Farm, Fiber Arts, Animal Husbandry, and 4-H Programs. (Look for Goat Yoga in the future!) 

Prices vary, but here are some parameters on what it costs to replace our herd:
• Nigerian Dwarf Goat: $300-$600 each, our goal is 5 goats.
• Boer Goat: $400-$900 each, our goal is 4 goats.
• Shetland Sheep: $600-$1000 each, our goal is 3 sheep. 

With a donation of $1000 or more you get to name one of the new animals!

Looking Forward. In addition, our goal is to build a birthing barn to allow our animals to give birth in a safe, quiet, heated shelter. This will also allow our program participants and visitors a new and unique visitor experience at TUF. We estimate the cost of such a facility to be in the $30,000 range. We will keep you advised on our plans for the birthing barn.

We are also considering the addition of  Livestock Guardian Dogs who have been used for centuries to protect flocks of sheep and herds of goats, calves, poultry and other livestock. Livestock Guardian Dogs stay with the group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the herd. They blend in with the flock and/or herd, watching for intruders. The mere presence of a guardian dog is usually enough to ward off predators. Livestock Guardian Dogs could also be integrated into our educational programs to teach how dogs can have a career as working animals.

HOW YOU CAN DONATE. We have made it simple! Click at the DONATE button. You will be able to specify if you wish to donate to the goat and sheep initiative or you can make a general contribution to our operations. With a donation of $1000 or more you get to name one of the new animals!

Other fun options: take a page out of Swigert International School’s fifth grade classes and organize a group donation—Bake sale? Car wash? Pledges? Whatever works for you!

Thank you so much from all of us, from the kids and families we work with, and from the animals. We are glad to have you aboard!



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