We are open to the public. REGISTRATION IS OPEN for garden plots and Summer Camps.

Tours and Field Trips

Self-Guided Tour

Visit the farm and see the animals with a self-guided tour.  We are open to the public Wednesdays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am – 1:00 pm  MARCH 1 to SEPTEMBER 30.  Tours are $5 per person (under 2 free).  Consider becoming a member and be able to enjoy The Urban Farm all year long!  All persons – adults and minors – must have fully executed a Waiver and Release form which can be downloaded, printed, and brought to TUF on the day of the tour. For Spanish, click here: Dispensa en Espanol Granja Urban Farm al Stapleton  (descargar y imprimir). Hard copies can also be filled out on site on the day of the tour.


Field Trips

Field trips can be scheduled during most days and times of the week, unlike the self-guided tours which have limited days and hours.

Our Standard Field Trip provides a walking tour up to 1 hour in length.  Topics include animal care, terminology, domestication, nutrition, and how animals are used in society.  Minimum fee applies: $75 includes entry for up to 10 participants, $5 per person thereafter.

Our Custom Field Trip provides a walking tour and provides hands-on activities, animal interaction, and/or customized information.  Custom field trips can be aligned to support school curriculum providing a progressive learning experience.  Several custom options are available as well as designing an activity specifically for your group. Fees listed below are in addition to tour fee: minimum fee of $100 includes entry for up to 10 participants, $5 per person thereafter. Each participant is charged the custom activity fee. Activity times below are in addition to the 1 hour walking tour. Please allow additional time for larger groups. Please contact us to discuss scheduling options.

Custom Field Trip Themes

  • Learn with your Heart – Tour participants will be escorted into a number of animal pens to touch and interact with the animals. Approx. 30 minutes. Additional charge of $2 per participant.
  • Let’s Grow – Information on plant growth and care; hands on planting activity is included. Approx. 60 minutes. Additional charge of $5 per participant.
  • Cheeky Chicks – Learn more about the care of poultry, proper handling, breeds, purposes, and chicken behavior. You will gather eggs, feed the chickens, and learn how to hold a chicken. Approx. 30 minutes. Additional charge of $2 per participant.
  • Fleece and Fiber Fun – Experience fiber arts from barn to yarn. You will meet the sheep, learn about different types of fibers, how to skirt a fleece, and how to make felt. Approx. 60 minutes. Additional charge of $5 per participant.
  • Be a Farmer – Experience what it is like to be a Farmer, you may experience several types of activities such as feeding the animals, grooming and checking the health of an animal, mucking (cleaning) a pen, operate a wheelbarrow, inspecting an enclosure to ensure it is safe, building or repairing a fence, gardening, or other farm task. Approx. 30-60 minutes (depending on age and group size.) Additional charge $3 per participant.
  • Horse Sense – Horses have their own societal roles and communications. You will observe body language, vocalization, how horses control movement and exert dominance or submission. Our equestrian expert will demonstrate and enlighten you on horse society. This is an observational activity, participants will not be allowed in the arena with the horses. Approx. 30. Additional charge of $2 per participant.
  • To BEE or Not to BEE – Learn about honey bees and the important role they play in our food resources. Our bee expert will discuss the hazards bees face and their important role in our society. Approx. 30 minutes. Additional charge of $2 per participant.
  • Literature in Action – A great compliment to English classes reading such works as “Animal Farm”, “Omnivores Dilemma”, and other works of literature. For younger children options such as “The Little Red Hen,” “Click, Clack, Moo,” “Chanticleer and the Fox” from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, “The Three Billy Goats Gruff,” “G is for Goat,” and other works of literature suitable for all ages. We will work with you to customize our information to complement the curriculum. Pricing and time varies.
  • Lunch and Learn – Bring your brown bag lunch and enjoy a picnic in the Children’s Garden at the conclusion of your tour. Additional access to the animals and Farm are not included. $50 space rental, 1 hour. Space rental may not available for large groups, please contact us for details.

Request a Standard or Custom Field Trip