The Farm is now OPEN Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 10am to 1pm - FarmFest is coming up on September 23. See below for more info.

Tours, Field Trips, and Educational Outreach


Self-Guided Tour


Visit the farm and see the animals with a self-guided tour.  We are open to the public Wednesdays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am – 1:00 pm  MARCH 1 to SEPTEMBER 30.  Tours are $5 per person (under 2 free).  Consider becoming a member and be able to enjoy The Urban Farm all year long!  All persons – adults and minors – must have fully executed a Waiver and Release form which can be downloaded, printed, and brought to TUF on the day of the tour. For Spanish, click here: Dispensa en Espanol Granja Urban Farm al Stapleton  (descargar y imprimir). Hard copies can also be filled out on site on the day of the tour.




Field Trips


Please refer to the information below to request your field trip.  Thank you, we look forward to serving you!


A standard field trip includes a walking tour through the farm yard.  It will last about 60 minutes and include visiting with all the animals as well as an introduction to urban gardening in our brand-new greenhouse.  Your tour will be led by a trained staff member who will not only provide your students with information about the farm but also challenge them to see agriculture through an urban lens.


A custom field trip includes the same walking tour with the addition of your choice of an activity.  Our goal is to enrich the curriculum your students are receiving in class, working on a badge in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, learning about in camp, or as an after-school activity.  Our field trip coordinator is happy to work with you to create your custom activity.


$100.00 for the first 10 participants ($10.00 each).  Each additional participant is reduced to $5.00 each.

The custom activity will be added to each participant’s fee.  Additional adults and chaperones beyond those necessary to supervise the group are charged entry but not for the activities.


Request a Standard or Custom Field Trip


Tried and True Custom Themes:

Let’s Grow! – Students will receive extra information about plant science and different cultivation techniques.  They will have a chance to get their hands dirty with a planting activity and take their creation home with them.  For older groups, or groups with more experience in science, we can dive into our aquaponics and aeroponics system.  Further, the students will learn about small-footprint agriculture systems like our in-house fodder program.  We use this to supply fresh greens to our animals all year round.

Pricing:  additional $5.00/participant

Time:  Additional 45-60 minutes





Be a Farmer – This activity is for students who aren’t afraid to break a sweat.  Work alongside Farm employees to help complete a project.  You might be mucking a stall or run, scrubbing and filling water troughs, gathering eggs, painting sheds, or anything else that comes up on a farm.  Make arrangements ahead of time to ensure a task that is appropriate for the age and ability of your group.  Other projects may be possible, just ask on your field trip application!

Pricing:  additional $2.00/participant

Time:  additional 30 minutes – time is variable based on the project and timeframe of your trip



To Bee or not to Bee – An experiential learning program for students who like creepy crawlies.  Learn all about honey bees, the roll of pollination in agriculture, bee keeping, and see inside our custom-built hives with windows into their world. 


Pricing:  additional $2.00/participant

Time:  additional 30 minutes depending on level of detail appropriate for your age group




Literature in Action – Pairing an expeditionary learning experience with literature can reinforce what students have learned.  Our staff can work with you to host activities or lessons related to classic works like Omnivore’s Dilemma, Animal Farm, The Jungle, The Secret Life of Bees, All Creatures Great and Small, and other works for older classes.  For younger groups, we can explore literary devices like alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphors and, similes in works like The Little Red Hen, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, G is for Goat, Sheep in a Jeep, or another book you have been reading in class.  Options include TUF staff hosting the lesson or simply providing space for you to teach it yourself.

Pricing and Time varies depending on our staff’s level of involvement.





Don’t see the theme you’re looking for?  Request a custom theme in the “Comment” section of the form below to see if we can create a program that’s relevant to your group or class.

Request a Standard or Custom Field Trip


How can I request a field trip?

Follow the link that will take you to an externally-hosted form.  Fill out the fields in the form and submit it.  The form will be sent to the field trip coordinator and you will be contacted to finalize your trip to the Farm.


Once I submit my form, how will I know if the request was accepted?

The field trip coordinator will reach out via the email address you provided in the form.  Submitting a request DOES NOT mean your trip is complete and scheduled.  You will be contacted to finalize the details.


What if I have a group bigger than 40?

We cannot accommodate groups with more students because of several factors:  Big groups stress our animals.  As an animal, it can be unnerving to have your pen crowded by groups of young children trying to pet you.  It’s also harder to get inside interactive pens like the goats, sheep, and chickens with large groups.  Further, our building cannot accommodate large groups in the event of inclement weather.  With so little shelter on the farm, a hail or lightning storm could be extremely dangerous.  Finally, we want your group to have a quality experience on our farm!  Large groups are harder to ensure hands-on and meaningful interactions.


How far in advance do I need to plan my visit?

The farther out you can plan, the easier it is to accommodate any special requests.  We request at least 14 days’ notice for a standard tour with no special accommodations.  30 days is preferred to arrange special activities or other services like a Spanish-speaking tour guide or wheelchair accommodations.


What should my group wear?

This is a real, working farm.  Animals don’t take days off because of bad weather, mud, hot sun, or cold wind.  Dress appropriately for the weather predicted for the day of your field trip.  Most of our lanes are pea gravel, but the pens get muddy if it’s rained or snowed recently.  All participants MUST wear closed-toed shoes.  Remember, your tour will be on foot, so take care of your tootsies and wear comfortable footwear.


What else should I bring on my trip?

Because our farm is very exposed, sun protection is highly recommended.  Sunblock, hats, water bottles, and snacks are also a good idea.


What kind of educational benefit can I expect from a field trip?

TUF is in the process of overhauling our field trip program.  With the help of professional educators, licensed teachers, and curriculum developers, we are aligning our academic content to state agricultural and science educational standards.  Be sure to ask for the standards that correlate with your custom activities when you are scheduling your visit.


Can I request more than one activity?

If you’d like your trip to take up a half or full day, you may add on, mix, and match as much as you’d like.  Our staff will work with you to create a custom experience.  However, keep in mind the minimum time requirements.  In order to ensure quality education, our staff will not rush through curriculum.


Can I provide my own curriculum and lesson to teach on the farm?

Yes!  If you’d like to use our farm as your alternative classroom for a day, we have a small classroom inside (with a projector) or a picnic area outside.  Our staff will take your class on a tour and then let you work your magic.


Can my group eat lunch at TUF?

Yes!  We can provide space rental for a flat fee of $50.00.  TUF cannot prepare or supply a meal, but you are more than welcome to bring a sack lunch or cater your own.  (No alcohol is allowed.)  Venue options include a picnic area in our children’s play garden, an indoor classroom, or utilizing our community room in the main building.


What conditions could cancel my field trip?

We operate under all but the most severe conditions.  Light rain and snow won’t cancel a trip, but lighting, hail, torrential rain, heavy snow, etc. is just too dangerous.  We will contact you as soon as possible regarding cancellation and rescheduling.


What role will my chaperones have on this field trip?

Our tour guides’ job is to share information with your group.  They are not experts in classroom management techniques and don’t know your students the way you do.  We ask that your teachers, chaperones, and other leaders help enforce the rules explained in the safety briefing so that the field trip goes smoothly.  This allows our staff to be the most effective.


How can I pay for my trip?

After your trip as been scheduled and confirmed, you will receive and invoice via email.  You may pay directly from the link in the email or pay by check or credit card.  For groups that chose not to secure payment ahead of time and wish to pay on the day of their visit will be required to send a deposit 14 days before your trip.  Please keep this in mind as you are requesting your field trip date.


My group is a non-profit or my school has over 75% of our student body who qualify for free or reduced lunch – is there a scholarship program?

Yes.  Please note in your field trip request that you are interested in applying for a scholarship and our management team will explore possible options.


Can my group bring treats to feed the animals?

No.  There are many treats that are fine for some animals and extremely dangerous for others.  We do not want our animals to get sick (or possibly die) from a treat they shouldn’t have.  Whether they are packaged and labeled specifically for that animal or a carrot from your kitchen, we cannot feed our animals treats.


I have a student who is reactive to environmental allergens.  Should they stay home?

Not necessarily.  Expect to encounter allergens like hay, dust, animal hair, bird feathers, and potentially bee stings and mold.  If they are equipped with an antihistamine (like Benadryl) they should be alright.  If it is a severe allergy, be sure they have their prescribed Epi-pen.  Teachers will be responsible for carrying and administering allergy medications.  Consult the participant’s parents and doctor if you have any concerns.


Request a Standard or Custom Field Trip