Field Trips



Standard field trip includes a walking tour of the Farm with information on each animal suited to the age of the participants. Our Community Garden (seasonal) will display a variety of garden crops; soon we will include the new Gompers Greenhouse showcasing small footprint growing with Aquaponics and Aeroponics. Your tour will be led by a trained staff member. Approx. 60 minutes.

$75.00 for the first 10 participants (children and adults, chaperones within the appropriate ratio are required for youth and receive free entrance). Each additional participant is $5.00 each.

Custom field trip includes the Standard Field Trip paired with custom activities below. Additional fee per activity listed under themes below (may be charged for children only.) Our goal is to enrich the curriculum your students are receiving in class, working on a badge in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, learning about in camp, or as an after-school activity.  Our field trip coordinator is happy to work with you to create your custom activity. Approx. 60 minutes + additional 30-60 minutes for custom activity (may be limited by group size).

$100.00 for the first 10 participants (children and adults, chaperones within the appropriate ratio are required for youth and receive free entrance). Each additional participant is $5.00 each.

In addition, the custom activity will be added to each participant’s fee.  Additional adults and chaperones beyond those necessary to supervise the group are charged entry but not for the activities.

Request a Standard or Custom Field Trip


Custom Field Trip Themes.  Some themes may not be possible for very large groups. Once we receive your request we will notify you of our availability.

  • Let’s Grow!April to September only. Students will receive extra information about plant science and different cultivation techniques. Hands on activity is seasonal. It may include planting a seed in a small pot that the children can take with them or harvesting food in our community garden. Please specify your preference. For older groups, or groups with more experience in science, we can dive into our aquaponics and aeroponics system.

Pricing:  additional $2.00 – $5.00 / participant based on activity. May not be available at certain times of the year.


  • Green Eggs and Ham – Focus will be on chickens and our 2 ducks. We’ll talk about different reasons for keeping poultry. Participants will be able to hold a chicken, look for eggs in the chicken coop, see where the chickens sleep at night, learn about what they eat and if it’s possible to have them in your backyard. We can also work with your group to provide advanced poultry information particular to your needs. 

Pricing: additional $2.00/participant 


  • Be a Farmer – Experience farm chores hands on and what being a farmer really means. You might be mucking a stall, scrubbing and filling water troughs, gathering eggs, fixing a fence, or anything else that needs to be done on a farm.

Pricing:  additional $2.00/participant


  • To Bee or not to Bee (Best times of the year are May to September) – Learn all about the different types of bees, the role of pollination in agriculture, bee keeping, why bees are so important in our food chain, and see inside our custom-built hives with windows into their world. For older groups we can delve into the social structures of this fascinating insect. 

Pricing:  additional $2.00/participant. May not be available at certain times of the year.


  • Nuzzle with Nigerians – Animal interaction for the senses, with friendly pen entry we smell, feel, see, and hear the Nigerian dwarf goats in their own habitat.

Pricing:  additional $2.00/participant




  • Literature in Action – Pairing an expeditionary learning experience with literature can enhance the lesson. For younger groups, we can explore literary devices such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphors and, similes in works like The Little Red Hen, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, G is for Goat, Sheep in a Jeep, and others. For the older child, Chaucers ‘Chanticleer and the Fox’ from the Canterbury Tales, provides a tale few of today’s children have heard. A related activity will be incorporated for children.

Older youth can increase their understanding and bring literature to life with Omnivore’s Dilemma, Animal Farm, and other works for older classes, activities can be designed in collaboration with teachers.

Pricing: additional $2.00 /participant 


    • Design Your Own – We will work in collaboration with you to support your curriculum and enhance your students’ learning. $2 to $5/participant for custom designed activities

Request a Standard or Custom Field Trip


We had a great time with the horses. They were close enough for the children to pet them and really interact. It was nice that the chicken, goat, and sheep pens were opened up for the children to have close interactions with the animals. This was a great first field trip of the year. Thank you so much!
-Teacher, confidential field trip survey

”​Thank you for an excellent program for our CA campers. They loved being farmers! Learning about and interacting with the animals made this a summer to remember. We hope to join you again next year. Please let me know what the new programs will be. 

With much appreciation,

Jodi Glater
Colorado Academy​”