“Thanks for a great day yesterday! It was our first visit to the farm. Looking forward to many more visits for 4-H”!
-Heather Tomas Allem, 4-H parent

“Thank you for giving [my daughter] such a wonderful learning experience this Summer. This opportunity has been incredible for her personal growth! She looks forward to continuing this Fall and throughout High School.”
– Jr. TUF Kids parent

“Thank you so much! I really want to thank you for agreeing to take [my daughter] on as a volunteer this summer. Whenever people ask her what she’s been doing over break, her work there is always the first thing she mentions. She adores everything about it, and is proud to be volunteering on a regular basis.”
-Jr. TUF Kids parent

​”​Thank you for an excellent program for our CA campers. They loved being farmers! Learning about and interacting with the animals made this a summer to remember. We hope to join you again next year. Please let me know what the new programs will be. 

With much appreciation,

Jodi Glater
Colorado Academy​”

“[My daughter] LOVES, LOVES, and LOVES being at the farm. It is the happiest I have seen her in a long time.”
-Jr. TUF Kids parent

“I love the animals, touching them, learning about them. It was also great that the guide spoke Spanish and let us play on the playground afterward. The guide was informative and interactive with the students. She gave us tangible new facts and information…at the end of the tour she let us hold/touch a chicken, a duck, a bunny and showed us their feet and the eggs. This was a big deal for the students!”
-Teacher, confidential field trip survey

We had a great time with the horses. They were close enough for the children to pet them and really interact. It was nice that the chicken, goat, and sheep pens were opened up for the children to have close interactions with the animals. This was a great first field trip of the year. Thank you so much!
-Teacher, confidential field trip survey

LOVED our instructor!! What a great outing. I’d highly recommend the horseback riding program at TUF.
-Teacher, confidential field trip survey