Produce & Eggs

Farm Fresh Free Range Chicken Eggs & Produce 

CHICKEN AND DUCK EGGS (limited duck eggs, call first for availability)

large $6 / dozen ($1 discount for members)
small $4 / dozen

We have fresh eggs daily from our happy hens and duck. All of our layers are free to roam the farm and enjoy their life taking dust baths, pecking for worms, and sunbathing. What else could a hen ask for? 

We have many different breeds who lay eggs of various colors and sizes: Plymouth Rock – Australorp – White Austra – Rhode Island Red – Marans – Cochin – Brahma – Easter Egger – Ameraucana – Red Star – Wyandotte – Orpington – Sicilian Buttercup – Polish – Modern Game – Silkie – barnyard mixes – Cayuga ducks


* grown with organic methods
* mixed salad greens
* spinach, swiss chard, mizzuna
* kale
* cucumbers

Stop by Monday to Thursday and Saturday 10am to 1pm   

Call first for our availability – Items are seasonal – 303-307-9332