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September 2019 TUF Snapshot

FarmFest 2019!

September 22, 2019
Join us at our 10th annual fall celebration and fundraising event for The Urban Farm at Stapleton. This year’s event is an SCFD FREE DAY, and, hence, admission is free.

  • Meet & learn about the animals
  • Hayride tours
  • Farm-themed crafts & activities
  • Storybook farm with live animals
  • Live music by Jesse Cornett & Uncle Earl’s Jam
  • Food & drinks for sale

Admission includes self-guided tours and many free activities. Visit the TUF website for more details about the event.

All proceeds from FarmFest will help us keep our animals safe and healthy and to grow our programming and educational opportunities.

Admission is free, but you can save time at entry by registering on Eventbrite. Some children’s activities require tickets.

Fresh Goat Milk Anyone?

Yes, we would love some too. We are looking for committed and responsible people to volunteer their very precious time to help milk our 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats, every 12 hours.

If you think you are the person for this job please click here to email us.

New Class: Farming for the Future

Open to all ages, kids under 8 need an adult present. 
Learn more here. 

Becoming a Volunteer

If you are looking for a fun and fulfilling activity, we would love to have you volunteer at the Urban Farm.

We offer an abundance of volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals whether you are looking for something just for the summer or year round. Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity for adults and kids ages 8 and up.

Our volunteer opportunities include:

  • Adopt a Pen: If only animals could clean up after themselves, right? Our horses aren’t quite ready for that but if you are interested in adopting a pen and getting to know one of our equine friends, our volunteer coordinators can get you set up.
  • Children’s Garden: Kids love to play in the Children’s Garden and we want to keep it beautiful and clean to continue providing a great place for kids to play and parents to relax in the shade.
  • Greenhouse: Our new greenhouse is beautiful and we are looking for gardeners who can help showcase the outside.
  • Community Garden: The Farm plots need tending to and the plants need to be harvested for our TUF mercantile.
  • Poultry: We just put the finishing touches on our final coop but our coops always need cleaning and regular maintenance to keep them looking their best for our winged friends.
  • Goats and Sheep: With six new babies joining our TUF family, we have a lot going on with our goats and sheep. Come clean a pen, walk a goat, and help keep them happy and healthy. 

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer
1. Attend one of our Volunteer Orientations.
2. Become a TUF member.
3. Fill out background check (adults only)
5. Start volunteering

Upcoming Volunteer Orientation Dates
All are 9:00am-10:00am

  • September 21, 2019
  • October 19, 2019
  • November 16, 2019

4-H Update

Saturday, September 28, 2019: 11:30am to 12:30pm

Interested in 4-H? Join us at the Open House where you will be able to meet our leaders and 4-Hers, find out about our animal projects and how to register for 4-H, and get a guided tour the Farm. 

For more information about 4-H, email Amy Marrs, TUF 4-H leader.

4-H County Fair Results

Outstanding showing for TUF at Adams County Fair 

Shooting Sports   
CLAIRE-Grand Champion Intermediate Record Book/Poster Board
BROOKE-1st place Junior Record Book/Poster     
CLAIRE- Intermediate Archery State Team
BROOKE- Grand Champion Junior Archery
MARCEL- Reserve Champion Shooting Sports Project

VINCENT- Champion Wildlife Project
VINCENT- Reserve Champion Photography Project

BROOKE- Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship
VICTORIA-Reserve Champion Intermediate Showmanship 
KIRA- Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship

Kaki Duck- 1st 
Pekin Duck- 2nd
Sharpie- 2nd
Cochins- 2nd/3rd

TRINITY- Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship
CLAIRE-4th Intermediate Showmanship

Kiwi the rabbit- 3rd
Trinity- Reserve Champion Dutch Rabbit

BROOKE- Grand Champion Junior Showmanship
CLAIRE-Grand Champion Intermediate Showmanship
ELLIE- Reserve Champion Intermediate Showmanship

Guinea Pigs
BROOKE- Grand Champion Junior Showman
CLAIRE-Grand Champion Intermediate                   

BEN-Top 10 Junior Showmanship (first year)
MOLLY-Top 10 Junior Showmanship
NYLA- Grand Champion Intermediate Showmanship
ELLIE- Reserve Champion Intermediate Showmanship
CLAIRE- Top 10 Intermediate Showmanship
AVERY- Top 10 Intermediate Showmanship
KALI- Top 10 Intermediate Showmanship
RYLIE- Top 10 Intermediate Showmanship
OPHIE- Grand Champion Senior Showmanship

MARKET GOATS                               

ELLIE- 2nd
NYLA- 1st: Reserve Champion Light Weight
KALI- 2nd
RYLIE- 2nd
OPHIE- 1st place: Grand Champion Light Weight Goat

Six animals made the Grand Drive Market Goat Championship and we had two of the six.

MOLLY-Tinkerbell was last but we love her

MOLLY- Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship
BROOKE- 4th (first time)
EVAN-5th Junior Showmanship (first time)
IZZY- Top 10 Junior Showmanship (first time)
CADEN- Top 10 Junior Showmanship (first time)
BEN-Top 10 Junior Showmanship
ELLIE- Champion Intermediate Showmanship 
NYLA- 3rd Intermediate Showmanship
CLAIRE- 4th Intermediate Showmanship 
AVERY- Top 10 Intermediate Showmanship
KALI- Top 10 Intermediate Showmanship
RYLIE- Top 10 Intermediate Showmanship
McKenzie- Top 10 Intermediate Showmanship
OPHIE- 3rd Senior Showmanship 

Market Lambs

OPHIE- 2nd/Reserve Champion Hampshire Division
NYLA- 1st
BROOKE- 5th 

BEN- 1st/ Reserve Champion White Hand Spinning
KALI- 1st/Grand Champion White/Hand Spinning
RYLIE- 1st / Grand Champion Other Wool Breeds
McKenzie- 1st Other Wool Breeds
EVAN-4th White/Hand Spinning
IZZY- 5th White/Hand Spinning
CADEN-2nd Other Wool Breeds
BROOKE- 1st/ Reserve Champion Other Meat Breeds

Grand and Reserve animals make the Grand Drive Breeding Championship and we had 6 out of the 14

Small Animal Round Robin
1st and 2nd Place Showman competes by showing Chicken, Guinea Pig, Rabbit and Dog.

Trinity, Brooke, Kira, Victoria and Claire qualified.
Brooke Reserve Champion Junior
Trinity 3rd Junior
Claire Grand Champion Intermediate

Large Animal Round Robin

1st and 2nd place showman competes by showing Beef, Swine, Alpaca, Sheep, Goat, and Horse

Molly, Brooke, Ellie, Claire, Nyla, Avery, Ophie all qualified
Brooke Reserve Champion Junior
Molly 5th Junior
Ellie Grand Champion Intermediate
Claire Reserve Champion Intermediate
Nyla 3rd Intermediate

Ophie’s Lamb won rate of gain by gaining .83lbs/day.

Sheep & Goats

The season starts again as we get our pens ready for the winter. As well as preparing for breeding.


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