IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association)

IEA Team (Level I1 and Up, 6th to 12th grade)

The mission of the IEA is to introduce students in middle and secondary schools to equestrian sports and to develop understanding and appreciation of equestrian sports through organized competitions and educational opportunities.

Scholarship offerings are made available to those wishing to pursue a career in equestrian sports. The IEA generally promotes the common interest of riding instruction, competition and education in matters related to the horse industry and all segments thereof.

IEA Show Dates 2019-2020
none at this time


  • To encourage recognition for middle and secondary school equestrians and to promote the equestrian as an athlete.
  • To provide riders with organized competitive opportunities.
  • To introduce new riders to equine sports.
  • To promote the IEA among its constituencies.
  • To provide riders with opportunities to further their education in equine sports and equine-related matters.
  • To encourage liaison with other equestrian associations for the betterment of equestrian sports.
  • To encourage a higher standard of coaching and instruction.
  • To provide information concerning the creation and development of mounted and non-mounted equestrian programs.
  • To establish and enforce IEA rules, standards and policies.
  • To keep pace with the continuing progress of equestrian sports and to encourage good horsemanship.
  • To generally promote the common interests of riding instruction and competition, and education on matters related to all segments of the horse industry.
  • To develop team and individual sportsmanship.
  • To establish a foundation to support the continuing mission of the IEA.

All information comes directly from the IEA Rules and Regulations and can be found on

SKILLS: Rider will be able to:

  • Horse Show various horses at their specific level without having any substantial warm up time
  • Learn horsemanship and proper equitation
  • Learn team work with both older and younger participants
  • Asked an appropriate horsemanship question that is tailored to the rider’s ability level
  • Halt
  • Sitting trot
  • Two point position at the walk and/or trot
  • Figure eight at trot, demonstrating change of diagonals
  • Figure eight at canter on correct lead, demonstrating simple change of lead
  • Change Horses
  • Ride without stirrups
  • Change leads down center of ring, demonstrating simple change of lead
  • Canter on the counter lead. No more than eight horses may counter canter at one time
  • Half-turn on forehand and/or half-turn on haunches
  • Jump a shortened course
  • Trot a jump not to exceed 2’6”

This program is an on going program at TUF that allows kids to join and choose to compete or choose to remain on the “prep” team for additional practice.  IEA at The Urban Farm is a “club” team and is responsible for their own bank account and fundraising etc.