The Farm is now OPEN Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 10am to 1pm - FarmFest is coming up on September 23. See below for more info.

  Farm Fresh – Free Range Chicken Eggs On Sale NOW


Chicken / duck eggs                       Quail eggs

                                                                                     large $6.00 / dozen                    $4.00 / dozen

                                                                                     small $4.00 / dozen                                                                          


We have fresh eggs daily from our happy heIMG_6115ns and duck. All of our layers are free to roam the farm and enjoy their life taking dust baths, pecking for worms, and sunbathing. What else could a hen ask for? 

all color eggs

We have many different breeds who lay eggs of various colors and sizes: Plymouth Rock – Australorp – White Austra – Rhode Island Red – Cochin – Brahma – Easter Egger – Ameraucana – Red Star – Wyandotte – Orpington – Sicilian Buttercup – Polish – Modern Game – Silkie – barnyard mixes – Cayuga


 We also have quail eggs from our Coturnix quail.

Stop by Monday to Thursday and Saturday 10am to 1pm   Call first for our duck and quail availability 303-307-9332