Community Garden

Applications to lease a garden plot are managed as follows:

  • Gardeners in good standing from the previous year will be sent a private link to renew their plots in December for the next year.
  • Persons on the waiting list from the previous year will be sent a private link to lease a plot (if available) in January for the current year.
  • Available plots, if any, will be offered to the public in February. A link will be active on the Gardening page of our website.

Gardening Options  –  Garden Plots Application

  • Lease an individual plot – see pricing below
    Sizes range from Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-large

Opening Meeting:  All Community Gardeners are Required to Attend  4/11/2019   6:00pm

Lease an Individual Garden Plot

  • Individual plots are available for lease + $15 registration fee*
  • Small ($65) up to 130 sq. ft.
  • Medium ($75) up to 225 sq. ft.
  • Large ($85) up to 340 sq. ft.
  • Extra Large ($95) up to 450 sq. ft.

Garden Plots Application 

Membership Not Required, But…  A mandatory membership is no longer required to participate in the gardening program.

  • If you are not a member, your access is the community garden only.
  • Reap the benefits of membership, visit all of our cute animals, access other areas of the farm, receive discounts on select items, and further support The Urban Farm at Stapleton you will need to purchase a membership here.

Garden plants and produce are never to be fed to our animals.  Many are toxic and can be fatal.

Contact Evelyn for further information.


Read Master Gardener’s, Evelyn Alton, advice on how to plant tomatoes for optimum growth and health in the Spring 2017 issue of the Aurora Sentinel Magazine.

“Be patient,” says Colorado Master Gardenersm Evelyn Alton. “The biggest mistake most mile-high tomato fans make is setting out tomatoes too soon. Cold, and especially cold soil, stunt tomato growth.” She’s one of Colorado State University gardening experts lending advice to Front Range residents who’ve never touched dirt with their own hands, as well as those veteran gardeners honing their skills…….