We are open to the public. REGISTRATION IS OPEN for garden plots and Summer Camps.

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Community Garden

Plant Sale May 17 to May 20 (check calendar for times)

As always, we feature Heirlooms, F1 Hybrids, non-GMO seed, organic seed, use organic products and methods (non-certified organic), and offer a wide variety of plants that you won’t find in retail markets.

There will be new varieties (that Tomato Girl is incorrigible!) and many of the favorites you have come to love. This year we have focused on increasing the number of peppers and cherry tomatoes. A few new black and green varieties are being offered this year, try something new!  There are 47 varieties of tomatoes!

Planting Demonstrations:  Learn a better way to plant your tomatoes for bigger, stronger root systems and health.  11:00am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm daily during the  Plant Sale.

Complete listing of plants and varieties is here!

Grant Awarded from GOCO

2017 gardening at the Farm will take on a new look thanks to a GOCO grant received December 2016.  Gardening has been a challenge the past few years, with all of the surrounding construction the critters have taken refuge and advantage of the tasty buffet the garden offers.  A new fence is our first priority and will be based on the Kiwi Defender system; a well-researched and tested critter excluder!  Learn more at http://www.xcluder.co.nz/.  This will provide a major improvement in the success of crops grown in the garden. Our second priority will be improving our water system and adding raised beds.


Join a Garden Co-Op (COG)

In a further effort to increase success and community in gardening, a new program in Co-Operative Gardening (COG) launches for 2017.  Gardeners joining COG will work a number of selected plots and collectively share in preparation, planting, watering, weeding, and maintenance of the plots and share in the harvest. All plants, seeds, and tools will be provided.  Additionally, you will garden with a Colorado Master Gardenersm and learn hands on.  You don’t have to be a new gardener; all skill levels are welcome.  COG fee: $75 per gardener + $15 registration fee


Lease an Individual Garden Plot

Individual plots are available for lease; small ($65), medium ($75), and large ($85).  Returning gardeners in good standing (those who have completed their volunteer hours and reasonably maintained their plot) may renew their current plot from January 1-31.  Beginning February 1, 2017 all remaining plots will be available to the public for lease.  Plot fee + $15 registration fee

Apply Here for 2017 Garden Plot or Garden Co-Op

Contact Evelyn for further information.


Membership Not Required, But…

A mandatory membership is no longer required to participate in the gardening program.  If you are not a member, your access is the community garden only.  If you wish to reap the benefits of membership, visit all of our cute animals, access other areas of the farm, receive discounts on select items, and further support The Urban Farm at Stapleton you will need to purchase a membership.


Other forms you may need:

Waiver & Release / Membership Application (online)

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