Colorado Gives – Welcome Home NWS Weather Station!

Once upon a time there was an airport in Denver that wasn’t called DIA.  It was called Stapleton International Airport. Housed at the airport was the National Weather Service’s (NWS) primary data gathering point for Denver area weather.  When DIA opened in 1995, the weather station went with it. 

However, a problem arose, the weather at DIA is significantly different than in Denver! 
In addition, City Park in Denver housed weather information but that was halted when it was necessary to remove it due to flood control measures being instituted at City Park.
Mike Nelson, Chief Meteorologist at Denver7 came up with an idea.  Bring it back home to Stapleton.  And, guess where home just happens to be?
At The Urban Farm!
The new NWS weather station will be installed at the Urban Farm.  Four, very cool things will happen as a result.  

    • Weather and climate information will once again be tracked in a consistent way.
    • Years of critical, historical data will now be able to be compared with present day data from the new station, allowing us to analyze weather in central Denver.
    • The data will become part of our agriculture curricula.
    • The 10PM News7 Weather report will give the data from The Urban Farm.  

NWS Meteorologist Robert Koopmeiners exits the observation building with weather balloon and parachute in tow, radiosonde in hand. Photo by John Fernandez, Front Porch Northeast Denver- issue July 1, 2016

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