Colorado Gives – Cows, Tractors, and Festivals…..Oh My!

From The Executive Director

Colorado Gives Day is coming as is the end of the tax year. This is a great opportunity to support your community through a tax-deductible donation to the Urban Farm. Please consider giving generously to help us deliver hands-on learning in a farm setting. But you don’t have to wait till Dec. 4 to donate, you can schedule your donation NOW

Our cows are also preparing for the change of seasons and their hair is growing shaggy. Maybe this is a sign of a long winter? 
Here at TUF, we are hoping that it’s at least a wet one. We need the water as the drought has caused hay prices to double.  When you need 18 tons of hay every 50 days to feed animals, the difference between $210/ton and $410/ton is significant.  To address this jump in hay prices, we are actively looking for ways to obtain a tractor that can lift larger 800 to 2000-lb bales of hay daily. 
In addition, we always need additional tools used for service learning like wheel barrows, rakes, mucking forks, pitch forks, and shovels. If you can provide us support, please let us know at Every little bit helps!

Finally, thank you to all the volunteers, members, partners, vendors, and attendees who braved the cold to be at FarmFest.  It was a chilly Sunday, but a great turn out and good time was had by all.  October has been a busy month. The Urban Farm was at Northfield, Eastbridge, Bluff Lake, and Rocky Mountain Arsenal for their October events.  With harvest activities behind us, we are now preparing the farm for the coming winter

New Hand-Washing and Water-Bottle filling station at TUF!

Thanks to the ingenuity and tireless efforts by Cohort #71 of the D.U. Executive MBA team, the Farm now has it’s first hand-washing and water bottle-filling station. Located between the goat/ sheep pens and the chickens, the station will help keep hands clean when moving from pen to pen, and provide drinking water to help avoid using single-use plastic water bottles. In keeping with our teaching of being gentle on our earth and reducing waste, the Farm has created The Urban Farm Friendly Water effort to move away from plastic water bottles. Come check out our new station, and purchase a reusable water bottle to use on the Farm and everywhere you go. Thank you Erin, Shelly, Michael, and Otto! 

Chicken Coop #2

A great, big, THANK YOU to #Swinerton Builders Denver for donating their time to build another chicken coop for our lovely flock. You guys are the best. 2 wonderful chicken coops just in time for the deep, Denver freeze. Thank you to Greg Borst and Lars Bildman for making this possible. We love you. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2018!

Colorado Gives Day is Here!




We hope that you enjoyed reading our TUF stories over the past month as much as we enjoyed writing them. We believe that The Urban Farm is a place like no other in Denver and we are working hard to keep our mission alive. By now you probably know that our programs inspire, educate, entertain, and help us all to grow in many ways. So what do we offer?


  • Horsemanship Program – 122 children served
  • Summer Camps / Workshops – 181 classes held
  • Educational Outreach / GOCO after school program
  • Youth Groups  TUF Kids, Denver Diversion Program, 4-H Club – over 150 youth participated on a weekly basis throughout the year
  • Field Trips / Tours – over 4,000 individuals visited the Farm in 2017
  • Volunteering – over 750 individuals provided 21,000 hours of volunteer work
  • Service Learning  various Middle and High Schools served
  • Community Garden / Co-op garden
  • Aeroponics and Aquaponics 

We know that many organizations are knocking on your door today. We thank you for your support which will help us to continue providing quality education and unique, urban experience in the areas of life, natural and animal sciences, agriculture, environment, and sustainability.

Thank you, Colorado!
Here’s looking at you, kid (and pullet.)

Field Trips, Camps and Educational Outreach – Colorado Gives Day Campaign – part 3

Have you noticed lately that we seem to be “tethered to the cloud”? We rely on our e-gadgets on a daily basis, and sometimes to the extreme. Well, here at The Urban Farm we have a cure for this epidemic called Tetheritis Cloudis (ok, we made that up). A Field Trip at TUF is like a rejuvenating spa for the mind. We offer hands-on activities that are sure to keep everyone’s hands on an animal or on a shovel, instead of on the phone, and one’s mind on simpler things in life.Students from the Colorado Academy are mucking a sheep pen during a field trip

Students from the Colorado Academy are mucking a sheep pen during a field trip.








A member of Nostalgia Group, Inc. is receiving much needed goat therapy during his visit to TUF.


One of our wonderful partners is GOCO. Through funding from Go Outdoors Colorado, we are able to provide a piece of farm education to children in after-school programs such as Compass in Aurora, CO. 

TUF also offers Summer Camps where keeping one’s head in the cloud is acceptable as long as your feet are on the ground with the horses, pig or our other four legged creatures. At our Storybook Farm camp we believe that dreaming big is a must and fulfilling those dreams is possible at the Urban Ag and Ranch camp where children hold ducks and chickens, not phones.