The Urban Farm at Stapleton operates year-round

ADMISSION is $5 per person (under 2 years of age free).

OPEN to the public for self-guided tours and produce / egg purchase on: Monday to Thursday and Saturday : 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 

(TUF Kids, 4-H, Field Trips, Volunteer, Service Learning, and classes have extended days and hours)


    • Wednesday, March 20 
    • Saturday, May 25  (10:00am – 4:00pm) – Plant, Eat, and Get Local
    • Saturday, August 3  – Ice Cream Social 
    • Saturday, December 14

CLOSED Friday, Sunday and holidays

        • December 24, December 25
        • December 31, January 1
        • Memorial Day
        • July 4
        • Labor Day
        • Thanksgiving Day 

If you have not yet visited the farm in 2019, we will need you to fill out a waiver and release form upon arrival. You may download, print, and fill out the form ahead of time to speed up your entry. 


Walk the grounds and see all of our wonderful farm friends: horses, cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, miniature horses, donkey, and pot belly pig.

You can see our Aeroponic towers and the Aquaponics system with many fancy goldfish. We also have several bee hives.

Play in our children’s garden. We have playhouses, a tractor, and tire swings.


Think farm. We strongly encourage closed toe shoes, preferably boots, as the grounds can be muddy and certain areas have animal manure.

FARM RULES – Our #1 concern is the safety of our animals and of our visitors. Please be considerate.

          • Please do not enter animal enclosures unless you are invited in by a staff member. On Saturdays there is a better chance of visiting the animals in the pens as we have 4-Hers working with the animals and they are happy to let you in. 
          • You may pet the animals if they come up to the fence, please use whole hand, do not stick fingers in as animals may think they are carrots to eat.
          • Please walk, DO NOT RUN on the property. Most of our animals are prey and if they see you run they will think there is a predator and will also start running in the pens, especially the horses.  Also, our roads are gravel, it is easy to trip and fall if one is running. There are a lot of prairie dog holes and it is easy to step in one if you are running and not watching your step. 
          • Please do not feed the animals anything off of the ground or bring own food to feed them. Sometimes there is old or wet hay on the ground and can make our animals sick if fed. Most of the animals are on special diets due to age or health needs and food that we think might be harmless could be potentially life threatening.
          • NO GUM chewing. Gum on the ground can be life threatening to our animals, especially poultry who walk around and can pick it up and try to eat it. 
          • Our animals love visitors but are afraid of loud noises such as screaming. Please DO NOT YELL or scream, this is especially important around the horses.
          • We have live, white, electric fencing around some of the horse and cattle pens. Please DO NOT touch the white, electric tape.

NO DOGS ALLOWED (except assistance dogs) We have the right to refuse dogs that show signs of not being safe around other people or animals.

The Farm never really closes as the animals require ongoing care multiple times a day. Consider becoming a volunteer and/or supporter and help the Farm year round.